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Effective Stainless Steel Sink Cleaning

Effective Stainless Steel Sink Cleaning

House cleaning chores seem to be an unrewarding job. Even if you do a thorough cleanup of the entire house, you find it terribly dirty and dusty only a few days after that. Kitchen is one of the areas at home where an army of germs live and in general, no matter how hard you try, you never achieve the ideal cleanliness. Let’s talk about the tips and tricks related to stainless steel cleaning of the sink. Although there are some detergents intended exclusively for stainless steel surfaces, you don’t have to rush to the store as you can prepare your own non-toxic cleaning solutions.

  • The next tip is really helpful when you are supposed to do an end of tenancy cleaning Portsmouth. Your landlord would not compromise of the cleanliness of the place, so get your sleeves up and start the preparations.

  • Have you ever heard of the magical cleaning properties of the baking soda? You sure did and you can also use it for cleaning the stainless steel sink. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply to the sink. Then, use a soft brush to remove the dirt and rinse.

  • The lemon juice is famous for being a perfect solution when it comes to removing grease. Cut one lemon in half and scrub the sink. It will be shinier than ever.

  • Don’t hesitate to share these tips with your manager who will be thankful that some money will be saved on office cleaning Portsmouth supplies. Plus, your co-workers will be happy that they will not have to inhale toxic particles when they go to the office kitchen.

  • When you are done cleaning the sink, here are a few tips on how to keep it spotless. First of all, rinse the sink after every usage. Don’t let dirt and grease build up for weeks. Avoid cleaning products that contain bleach and last but not least, use a suitable brush to remove the dirt, otherwise you risk making scratches.

There you have it, affordable and effective cleaning tips that can be beneficial not only for you but also for your coworkers and friends.

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