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Make the house clean for drop-in guests in just an hour!

Make the house clean for drop-in guests in just an hour!

Imagine the following situation. You just get back home after a rough day at work and your phone starts ringing. Old friends say they are in your town this evening and they ask whether it would be possible to sleep in your house. Of course, you are excited about meeting people you have wonderful memories with, but the house is a complete mess. You skipped the house cleaning the previous week and the last thing you want to do right now is to start scrubbing and sanitising. Anyway, you have no choice, but to invite them for a sleepover, hang up the phone and start looking around. How can you make the house clean in less than an hour? You have probably found yourself in such a situation at least once in your life, haven’t you? Here are a few useful tricks that will help you tidy up and make the house presentable to your guests.

Make the house clean for drop-in guests in just an hour!
  • When you are pressed for time, the most important thing is to prioritise. Which are the most problematic areas at your home? Let’s follow the rule that says you should start cleaning from top to the bottom. The first thing you have to do is to check for any spider webs in the corners of the rooms.

  • Then comes the general tidying up. The package of chips or popcorn from last night is laying on the table in the living room? The cat has slept on the sofa and the sofa is covered with hair? The table itself is dusty? Let’s get started. It will take no more than 15 minutes to clean up the mess. Your kid has left fingerprints on the windows? Grab a microfiber cloth and a glass cleaner and remove them. The important thing is to clean the areas that are most likely to be seen by your guests – we doubt that any of them will check for dust behind the sofa or under the fridge.

  • Get two trash bags and throw all empty packages and useless stuff in there. Use the second one to collect all items placed in the living room for no apparent reason. When your guests leave, you will put them where they belong, but now, you’d better save time and proceed with the most imminent cleaning tasks.

  • What about the sofa? In order to remove the pet’s hair in less than a minute, get a rubber glove and dampen it. Then run it through the upholstery. It will collect all hair and dirt. Alternatively, you can wrap duct tape around your fingers and remove the pet’s hair from the sofa.

  • Take your time and do the dusting. Nothing makes a room looks more neglected than dusty furniture. You probably treat the surfaces with a special duster, then use a detergent and polish them. However, when you expect your guests to arrive every minute, get a microfibre cloth, pour a solution of water and white vinegar into a spray bottle and dust the furniture.

Make the house clean for drop-in guests in just an hour!
  • Taking care of the floor is the next thing in your list. Don’t forget to pay attention to the high traffic areas during your urgent carpet cleaning procedure. Depending on the time you spend vacuuming, you have to decide whether you will have enough time to mop the floor as well. Of course, if you book professional carpet cleaning from time to time you will be able to act fast so have that in mind! If you have not just wipe down the spills or visible stains and hope your guests won`t pay much attention staring at the floor.

  • Do a fast clean-up of the room where your guests will sleep. Dust the furniture, vacuum the floor, take out new sheets, make the bed, put some flowers and create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. A lit candle will make miracles - even some streaks on the window or a scruffy carpet would be ignored if the overall condition is inviting!

  • Although your guests are not likely to spend the evening in the kitchen, you still have to make some efforts and make it a bit more presentable. Throw the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, wipe off spills from the countertops. Turn the aspirator on so any bad smells are eliminated.
Make the house clean for drop-in guests in just an hour!
  • Well, it seems you are ready to make an impression of a caring, well-organised host, but you can do a final touch- up if you want your house to look as if you use professional domestic cleaning services and eliminate any doubts that you have hastily done a cleaning procedure right before the arrival of your guests. The quality of the indoor air matters, so let some fresh air come into the room and spray with an air-freshener. It would be nice if you always keep a bottle of your favourite essential oil. You just have to pour some water into a spray bottle and add a few drops of the essential oil.

Making a messy house ready for unexpected guests can be really overwhelming unless you put your organisational skills into practice and follow the tips above. After all, if they are really good friends, they will focus on spending a nice evening with you rather than nagging about the tea mark on the table in the living room.

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