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How to clean kid’s room - hacks

How to clean kid’s room - hacks

When you have already cleaned the top 3 rooms - kitchen, bathroom and living room. Now it is time for the child’s room – maybe the messiest room in your home. If you want to improve the cleaning process, preparing a cleaning checklist is a quite good idea. When we are in a hurry, we often forget to clean everything. If you want to achieve the high level of hygiene and flawless cleanliness that you are all dreaming for, read carefully:

  • Start with decluttering of your child’s bedroom– put every single thing in its place and throw away the trash.

  • Mop and vacuum the floor – move the big furnishings and clean underneath, around and behind them.

  • Pay attention on the carpets – they are magnet for grime and dust which can cause allergies and endanger the health of your child. That’s why your carpets should be cleaned properly and since good carpet cleaning Hammersmith involves more than just vacuuming, it is better to rely on professional carpet cleaners. They apply special cleaning techniques and proper cleaning detergent.

  • Wash your children’s toys – most of us usually forget to clean them since they are not a part of the traditional domestic cleaning Hammersmith. But do not do the same mistake – disinfect the toys often with soft brush and mild detergent and rinse really well.

  • Cleaning mirrors and windows – wash them with sponge and soapy water and polish with soft cloth.

  • Dust the upholstery and clean all the decorative objects with microfiber cloth.

  • Clean the blinds with extendable duster and vacuum the curtains with the special brush attachment.

  • Launder all pillows, sheets and beddings – use mild detergents, considered to be safe for babies and kids.

  • Disinfect the trash bin – spray multi-purpose detergent both outside and inside and wipe off with a cloth.

Be careful and follow all the steps in the checklist and never forget to use only eco-friendly and safe cleaning detergents. Your child’s health should be most important.

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