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How to plan a perfect party - tips, ideas and checklist

How to plan a perfect party - tips, ideas and checklist

You need to get Organized

There are so many ways to create a unique party for your special guests. The planning an event should not be stressful. You can plan, create and host a memorable party If you staying organized and starting early. As a beginning you can download from internet party planning checklist and print it to make the process easier, from one month before your party to an hour before your guests arrive in your home.

How to plan a perfect party - tips, ideas and checklist

Let's to plan your party

First you need to set your budget – How much can you afford to spend for your party event? What will you need? Here some of the usual costs associated with events include the venue, food, drinks, decor, invitations and so on.

Second thing that you need to do is to create your guests list – How many people do you want to invite and how many people do you expect to show up?

If you finished with the first two steps now you need to select a date – You must think about when is the best time for your event? You can look at the calendar and choose a few dates that work for you and your guests.

Decide on a theme, if you want one – Having a theme can help brand your entire party from invitations to decorations, food, and drink ideas. You can use Pinterest for finding inexpensive and fun ideas for your theme.

What you need to do 3 Weeks Before The Party

3 weeks before the party you must check your to do list - that mean...

  • Make an invitation list and send your invitations - By Mail, e-mail, even phone invites are all acceptable.
  • Decide on a theme - Make, buy, or borrow any decorations or music you may need to fit the theme.
  • Plan the menu - You need to compile a shopping list and then can make a list of that can be made earlier. Make order in your bakery and local delicatessen.
How to plan a perfect party - tips, ideas and checklist

2 Weeks Before The Party

When left 2 weeks before the party you must care about few things:

  • Clean any china, crystal, and silverware you’ll be using or you can hire a professional cleaning company to do that
  • Pick up with a playlist. - the music should be upbeat and sufficient to last throughout the party.
  • Now you can do the first round of grocery shopping and the cooking - Prepare any dishes that can be frozen.

One Week Before The Party

When the party week came you must care about these things:

You need to set the stage - Arrange the furniture as you’ll want it for your party, but be sure that guests will can move easily from one part of your house to another. Figure out the lighting: Using low-wattage bulbs or candlelight will create the right mood.

Inventory of cookware and serving dishes - If you don’t have enough, consider purchasing inexpensive pieces from a discount or thrift store. You can label each dish so you’ll remember what you plan to use it for at party time.

Stock the bar - You need plan three bottles of wine for every four people, or three to four cocktails per guest for a two- to three-hour party.

Few Days Before The Party And The Day Of The Party

When the party knock your door you definitely must care about these things:

  • Clean your house perfectly - If you don't have a time for this you can hire a cleaning company
  • Notify your neighbors - let them know you’re having a party if you expect it to be large, loud, or parking-intensive.
  • Decorate - if you have theme decorations.
  • Place for coats - Make space in a closet and fill it with hangers for your guests. You could also choose a bed for coats or you can purchase an inexpensive portable garment rack.
  • Finish grocery shopping.
  • Set the tables for guest.
  • Place chairs for guest.
  • Display food.
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