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Pros and Cons of Living In a Small House

Pros and Cons of Living In a Small House

Do you remember the times when you lived in a tiny apartment and shared a room with your friend at college? At that time you wished to live on your own and dreamed that one day you will have a fantastic job and you will be able to afford a spacious house featuring at least two bedrooms, a spacious living room and possibly a swimming pool. Well, if you are still saving up to buy such a luxurious property and you live in a tiny rented house, you should not be sorry. Living in a small house goes hand in hand with a number of advantages. Of course, it would be unrealistic to focus solely on the pros, below, you will also find a list of cons. At the end of the day, living in a small house might not be such a bad fortune, but you will decide for yourself once you read the pros and cons outlined below:

  • The most obvious advantage of living in a small house is that domestic cleaning is less tiresome and a way less time-consuming. It is much easier to perform a thorough cleanup of the entire house if you have a one bedroom, a living room and a small kitchen area.

  • Similarly, the end of tenancy cleaning of your small rented house will be easier. If you decide to opt for a professional end of lease cleaning service, you will pay a reasonable price and don`t have to spend a fortune in order to receive your deposit back. It goes without saying that renting a small house is less expensive, too.

  • If you are sick and tired of moving from one district to another and you think you can afford your own home, buying/ building a small house, then go for it. That seems more practical solution given the perspective of renting one and saving up for buying a larger house.

  • The other advantage associated with living in a small house is related to the utility bills. Having a spacious bedroom might be tempting but just think about the expenses for heating and cooling the room - imagine the bills you would have to pay if you lived in a big house.

  • Living in a small house requires less maintenance. If you decide to take up a renovation project, you don’t have to save up months in advance. Plus, if you consider your house too small, you can always obtain the necessary permits and hire professionals for a house extension project.

  • Have you ever paid attention to the small houses that have their own unique features? Yes, a small house allows you to personalise it. It is not necessary to paint the interior in a distinctive colour, you can simply add a small and yet recognisable detail.

  • Speaking of adding recognisable features to your property, small houses unlock your imagination and make you more creative. You have to think about utilizing every inch of free space. You can start a painting project with the aim of making the room(s) look bigger, etc. Living in a small place will unleash your imagination and creativity for sure!

  • Enough for the advantages. Let’s discuss the greatest disadvantage of living in a small house namely the lack of space. You cannot find room for all your stuff, you cannot invite guests for a sleepover, whenever you want to purchase a piece of electronics or an item of furniture you have to take precise measurements. All these factors are considered frustrating and the situation gets even worse if you share the house with more people.

  • The insufficient space inevitably has a negative impact on your privacy. Imagine you had a rough day at work and you long for going back home, taking a shower and watching a movie till you fall asleep. However, your roommate might want to listen to music or hang out with some friends in the living room. Of course, compromises need to be made, but you should not allow being taken advantage of.

  • Small houses do not allow you to establish the reading corner you have always dreamed about or your home office. You always have to think about alternative solutions or just mess up with someone else’s privacy.

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