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Cleaning Hacks for Busy Parents

Cleaning Hacks for Busy Parents

Being a parent is a huge responsibility that makes you give up on things you have been used to such as Saturday night hanging out with friends, going camping or just sitting on the couch in your pajamas and doing nothing. Now, you probably long for just one day in which you can run the errands you never find time for. Speaking of errands, having kids makes cleaning chores a bit more tiresome. Kids will always be kids and even if you get mad because of the huge spaghetti stain on the sofa or the spilled orange juice on the table, there is nothing you can do about it. Admittedly, having a full-time job, a huge house to maintain and kids to look after are three overwhelming activities and you must be looking for methods to optimise the cleaning process. We have mentioned “optimise” for a reason. It does not mean neglecting the property or hastily performing the house cleaning chores. It is more about finding an appropriate cleaning technique that leads to the desired results and saves you time you can spend with your loved ones. Here are a few hacks that can make your life easier:

  • If you live in a rented property, you must be aware that every damage can be a reason why a part of your security deposit is withheld, even if you have arranged professional end of tenancy cleaners. That’s why it is important to take preventive measures. Kids’ arts and crafts corner is considered one of the most vulnerable areas. Make sure you have covered the surfaces with a protective sheet.

  • Speaking of protective sheets, you are advised to protect the rugs as well. Apart from carpet cleaning services, you can also purchase a special protector that does not allow accidentally spilled liquids settle into the carpet fabrics.

  • If you are in charge of preparing the family dinner, you are probably looking for a method to cut down on the time you spend in the kitchen and prepare a delicious meal at the same time. For the purpose, you can make a weekly menu list and stick to it. This way, you will have all necessary ingredients and you will not waste time in thinking of what you should make for dinner or wait in the queue at the supermarket in the peak hours.

  • It is also a nice idea to prepare the lunch for the next day on the same evening instead of rushing in the morning and putting random stuff in the lunch boxes.

  • Let’s discuss the cleaning hacks you can apply as well. You know how important it is to disinfect kids’ toys on a regular basis. If you sanitise them with rubbing alcohol, you probably waste a lot of time for performing that chore. Alternatively, you can ask the kids to take care of the toys themselves and have fun at the same time. Place the toys in the bathtub and add shampoo or dishwashing liquid and there you have it. Kids are engaged in an entertaining and useful activity for the next few hours.

  • Are you sick and tired of collecting socks missing their pair off the floor? Cleaning kids’ room takes you twice as much time as cleaning your own bedroom? There is no need to do the cleaning on your own. Instead, you can turn it into a game. Hide different “treasures” around the kids’ room and tell them they are going to find them while tidying up the room. You have no idea how effective this trick is.

  • Clean the bathroom while you are taking a bath or even ask your kids to scrub the bathtub while they are taking a bath. There are some really cute colourful sponges in different shapes, aimed at making a game out of the cleaning activities.

  • Utilise the time for after school activities wisely. If your kids have a football/ maths/ piano lesson, use the time when they are not at home to tidy up a little, take a nap, make a schedule for the next week or whatever you can think of.

  • Be an early bird. Waking up half an hour earlier gives you the chance to have some time all for yourself. You can drink your morning coffee without being disturbed and then tackle the daily errands.

Consider outsourcing the cleaning chores. If you want your house neat and clean and you can afford a professional helper, do not hesitate to opt for it. There are many cleaning companies out there that provide efficient cleaning services at good prices. So, ask your friends and neighbours for a referral and find an offer that best fits your budget and requirements.

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