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13 Areas to Declutter before You Rent Out a Property

13 Areas to Declutter before You Rent Out a Property

Renting out a property can be a source of stable monthly income although it is considered a two-blade knife. Many people refrain themselves from renting out their uninhabited houses because they are afraid of letting in tenants who would turn their well-maintained place into a terribly dirty and badly maintained one and say that no amount of money can justify the damages tenants can make. Anyway, if you are among those people who have a luxurious property to rent out and you made sure the leasing contract cannot be breached and your tenants will be held liable for neglecting or damaging the property, it is time to attract the new inhabitants by making the place a presentable one. If no one has lived there for months or the wardrobes in the bedroom are full of your stuff, then, it is time to make a de-cluttering schedule and get rid of the stuff your tenants will not need:

  • If your previous tenants have performed a poor post tenancy sanitising procedure, you’d better arrange professionals in end of tenancy cleaning for the job. Depending on how big your house is and which services you choose, you might be required to pay a considerable amount - if you are currently unable to afford professionals, take your time and do the cleaning and decluttering on your own. However, there are affordable cleaning services in your area that are worth booking.

  • First of all, grab a plastic bag and walk around the house. Collect all small items such as keys, pens and everything else that does not belong to the place you found it at.

  • Proceed with the wardrobes. Make sure you provide the new tenants with enough space to put their clothes. If necessary, take out yours and find them another place.

  • Take care of the broken kitchen appliances that have been staying at the attic for ages. If you are no longer determined to fix them, contact a local company and take them to the designated area where they can be recycled.

  • If you have a patio, fix the garden furniture and throw out the broken ones you keep for no apparent reason. Place beautiful healthy plants on the patio and if necessary pressure wash it.

  • Shampoo the carpets. Although arranging a carpet cleaning service is recommended, you can sanitise the carpet on your own. Treat the stains with an appropriate detergent or use the well-known baking soda- vinegar solution.

  • Take down any personal photos. Failing to do that will make your potential tenants feel as if you still live there. Even if you are proud of the sports or academic achievements of your kids, display their medals and diplomas at the house you currently live in.

  • If you have bookshelves, ask your tenants if they are going to use them. If they will, take your books off the shelves and place them in boxes.

  • If you have too much stuff in the house, you can hire a man and van service and transport it into the other property. If you are low on space, you can simply place everything in one room and lock it. It goes without saying that the monthly rent will go down.

  • Empty the drawers. Take out all medicines, tissues, books and jewelry you have completely forgotten about.

  • Take care of the bathroom, sanitise the tiles, remove the soap residue from the shower curtain, make the stainless steel faucet and shower head shiny, place clean towels.

  • Fight the unpleasant odours. Although that can hardly be defined as “de-cluttering”, rest assured that the bad smells would make a bad impression to your potential tenants. Place cotton balls soaked in essential oils in the wardrobe corners. Make a solution of water and essential oils and spray in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

  • If you are renting the house along with kitchen appliances or air conditioners, you’d better arrange a professional to double check they are properly working. This way you will avoid the unpleasant situation when your tenants move in and the air conditioner breaks down on the next week. They will blame you for a poor maintenance and you have every right to think the damage is their entire fault.

Making your property look good is an important factor for renting it sooner than you expect. However, it is also important to talk to an experienced real estate agent who would advise you on the rent you can seek. Asking for a too high price will keep your tenants at bay, especially if the neighbourhood is not conveniently located, the public transport is irregular, the infrastructure is bad or the nearest school/ university is a 2-hour drive. As for the cleaning, you should also set realistic goals. As the saying goes “Rome has not been built in one day”, so establish a cleaning routine and stick to it instead of trying to clean the entire house in a couple of hours.

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