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Charcoal Uses around the House

Charcoal Uses around the House

Summer is already here, so you have probably started the barbecue season or you are going to do that soon. You have bought some charcoal. And why not use what is left from the last year, too? You may be surprised, but charcoal has plenty of various applications except for lighting up the barbecue. Here are some practical uses of charcoal at your house – check them out:

  • Remove pesticides – If you have overdone with the organic pesticide treatment in your garden, then charcoal may come in handy. Make a mixture of water and activated carbon. The combination between both ingredients should be 1 gallon water plus 1 pound charcoal. Put the solution in a spray bottle and apply it directly on the soil. You can also run this procedure if you have a new garden and you do not know anything about the previous treatment of the area. This charcoal-water mixture is able to absorb any bad chemicals, therefore to purify the soil. When you are done with this you can safely start working on your garden.

  • Keep your flowers fresh – Someone has given you a beautiful bouquet of flowers and you want to keep them fresh for longer? All you have to do is put a briquette at the bottom of your vase. This will add a couple of days to the lifetime of your precious bunch of favourite flowers.

  • Improve the fertility of the soil – Charcoal may even be used as mulch. It has the ability to conserve the moisture of the soil. What is more, charcoal is a good helper against weed growth.

  • Keep your fridge and bathroom fresh – charcoal can absorb unpleasant odours as well as moisture. In order to keep your fridge or/and bathroom dry and fresh all the time, you should place a dish with one briquette in that. You will achieve the greatest effect if you use additive-free charcoal. It would be good if there is not much air circulation in these places. They could be basements, attics or closets, for example.

  • Zap rust off a cast iron – there are many various ways to remove rust from cast iron. But only few of them help you avoid all the elbow grease. A simple and very effective way to restore your old pans and pots is letting the rust burn off over your charcoal grill. After you get rid of the rust, leave it for a while to cool completely. The last step to take is re-season the cast iron as soon as possible.

  • Use charcoal to preserve books, linens, etc. – of course, nothing is meant to last forever. But it does not mean you should not take extra care of your valuable possessions. In order to have a beautiful and well preserved house, you run domestic cleaning on regular basis, right? Then you must agree that a proper maintenance is something very important. When it comes to your old books, clothing, quilts, linens, photographs, etc., just a piece of charcoal will help you protect them from mildew, musty smells, mold and many more.

  • Protect your tools – store your tools in a tool box with a piece of charcoal between your tools. That will prevent formation of rust on them. You may not use these tools very often but you may need them some day – when you are ahead of a recent removal and an end of tenancy cleaning, maybe you will need them for minor repairs in order to receive your deposit back, for example.

  • Make a terrarium – sounds original, doesn’t it? In addition, it is a really easy and fun project. The simplest way to do that is fill some jars with a layer of charcoal and then put soil. Then plant some small herbs or spices there. The charcoal will prevent the roots from rotting. Make sure you know how to take care of your plants as you are cautious not to over-water them or do the opposite. If it is necessary, you can drill several small holes in the bottom of your jar. Do not hesitate to place your terrarium in the kitchen! It would be perfect, especially if you have planted some spices such as basil, rosemary, etc.

  • Make the cheap vodka tastes better – imagine that you have invited guests to your home and decided to buy vodka. The latter, unfortunately, doesn't have a particularly good taste. Do not rush to throw it away – there is something that could be done to save the evening. For this purpose, you will need to make DIY vodka filter. Get coffee filters, two funnels, at least two glasses and of course – activated carbon. First, wash the carbon under the faucet thoroughly. Then, put the clean carbon in a coffee filter and place it in the funnel. Stick the funnel over a glass and start pouring the vodka. After that, place that filter over another glass and pour the already filtered vodka through the funnel one more time. The more times you filtrate the vodka, the better. Every filtration will remove more and more organic impurities which are ‘guilty’ for its awful taste.

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