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Benefits of having plants at home!

Benefits of having plants at home!

Many housewives love growing house plants at home. Some people may consider it outdated, but actually it is a necessity for every home. Flowers would bring freshness, comfort and pleasant aroma in your house. In addition, there are a number of health benefits. Which are they? Check out our list:

  • You inhale oxygen and plants produce it. They absorb carbon dioxide, which you along with all animals produce and emit oxygen through photosynthesis. So, having plants at home will make your breathing easier and improve the indoor air quality. In order to increase the levels of beneficial oxygen at your home, put a few pots with green plants. There will be no harm, quite the contrary!

  • Pollutants in the air, floating around us on a daily basis, such as formaldehyde, benzene, acetone present in household products such as carpets, cigarette smoke, paint and many others, which are inevitable part of our lives. Plants have the ability to purify these toxins from the air. They are able to remove up to 87% of the volatile organic compounds in the air for a 24-hour period. House plants that purify the air by such chemicals in the best way are Ficus, bamboo, Lily, Ivy, Palm.

Benefits of having plants at home!
  • House plants alleviate allergies and asthma symptoms – recent studies found that house plants can help for relieving the symptoms of allergies. Plants increase the levels of humidity in the room and reduce dust. It is proven that potted plants can remove cough, sore throat and any cold and flu symptoms, which is very useful during the winter season. People suffering from respiratory problems, definitely need plants at home.

  • House plants reduce the time for recovery from an illness – when you are suffering from an acute illness, the body needs a certain time to recover. Plants at home shorten the time for recovery. Plants positively affect people with high blood pressure, heart disease.

  • Plants can stimulate your mental abilities as well as improve your concentration and memory. According to a survey conducted on students, their concentration is increased by up to 70% when they have house plants around.

  • Plants can boost your mental health – plants at home can improve your mood, self-esteem, sense of stability and control. Stress and anxiety are relieved, if you are surrounded with fragrant and fresh plants.

Benefits of having plants at home!

Before venturing in the endeavour to have flowers at home, it is good to know some basics. Here are the most important ones:

  • Location – the location of your house plants in the room is directly related to the amount of light they receive. There are species that can thrive in the darker corners of the rooms, but there are those that require a constant supply of sunshine. In the event that the layout of the furniture does not allow you to place your plant near a window, you can safely use hanging baskets, garden planters, decorative glass shelves and niches to the window. Your end of tenancy cleaners advise to get some pots in your rental rather than try moving furniture and buying new stuff – it will freshen up the looks of the property without having to ask your landlord for an approval of a revive in the living room.

  • Watering – watering is a major factor in the growing of house plants and usually turns into the most common reason for their extinction. Sometimes it is hard to hit the right amount of water and this lead to one of two results – insufficient watering or too much watering. The first indication of that problem is yellowing and continuous falling of leaves. The easiest way to cope with that is to check the soil daily. If it is dry of 0.5 cm depth, the plant needs water. But if you notice that the pad is full, you have to pour water, otherwise, because of the constant moisture, the roots could rot.

Benefits of having plants at home!
  • Feeding – just like every living thing, except for water, house plants need food as well. As they get nutrients from soil, you should go to a specialized store and get minerals, and other substances that stimulate the growth and well-being of plant species. It is nice periodically (depending on how often you water the house plant) to add a few drops of liquid fertilizer in the water. It nourishes the soil with the necessary nutrients and promotes more rapid growth.

  • Temperature – most types of indoor plants thrive best at temperatures between 15 and 23 degrees Celsius. The higher, the plants become brittle and weak, and the hot and cold will cause death. On the other hand, the lower indicators will keep the colour fresh for longer and will protect them from the harmful organisms in the soil.

  • Humidity – it is important that the indoor air is crisp. The air conditioning and heating appliances should not be directly aimed at the house plant. Do not forget to ventilate the room regularly – it would be the best to do that after you finish domestic cleaning. Moisture is a particularly important factor especially in the cultivation of tropical species. So, if you have special heating system with air humidifier, then you must always keep an eye on the vessel for the water and keep it full all the time. Another alternative is a pad with gravel and soil that retain moisture longer.

House plants are very important part of the home interior. They bring beauty in any room, and green is universal colour that fits any style of furniture. So, why not start growing plants at your house?

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