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7 ways to make your bedroom a healthy place

7 ways to make your bedroom a healthy place

If you wake up feeling more tired than before you went to bed last night, it’s time for some bedroom chores. Many people tend to neglect some spots in their bedroom or choose the wrong ways to deal with a problem. A lot of unexpected factors surrounding us have influence on our sleep and good health. If your morning routine includes headaches and sore throats, maybe your bedroom is making you sick so you should take immediate actions to fix this issue.

  • What is your mattress condition? As you spend about one third of your life on it, you can imagine the body fluids, skin flakes, bacteria and dust that it collects. What you may be missing is its regular cleaning. You don’t skip the bedroom when it comes to your domestic cleaning procedures so just pay attention to your mattress as well. As they are professionals and know the smartest and fastest ways to deal with a problem, end of tenancy cleaners suggest putting a protective cover that is impermeable and can be washed in your washing machine on a low setting. In this way you will preserve your mattress and prolong its life. However, usually mattresses concern other health issues as well – after some years they start sagging and flattening. This may result in backaches and far from sound good-night sleep. When you are faced with this situation, better replace your mattress to improve your sleep quality.

7 ways to make your bedroom a healthy place
7 ways to make your bedroom a healthy place
  • In the same line of thoughts, you should take a proper care of your pillow as a lot of bacteria, mold spores and allergens build up on it and they may be the reason behind your sore throat or headaches. Again, it is recommended to put on an anti-allergy cover and wash your pillow periodically. If it is not washable better replace it once a year. Another issue that your pillow may cause is sore shoulders and stiff neck in the morning. If it doesn’t spring back to its shape it’s more likely that it has lost its support so your head is out of alignment with your spine while sleeping. If this is your case, again it is recommendable to replace it with a new one.

  • As we mentioned cleaning your bedroom is essential but more important is what cleaning products you use. A lot of detergents on the market, usually those with strong fragrances and super-efficient cleaning properties, contain harmful chemicals. Their fumes may be the reason behind your headaches and allergies. To keep your bedroom clean you can avoid commercial detergents and try some of the homemade cleaners which consist of ingredients that won’t cause any irritation to your health. Some of them are as effective as the chemical cleansers.

  • Carpets are preferred in bedrooms as people love walking on soft and pleasant surfaces on bare feet. However, it’s needless to say that carpets hold dirt, pollen, dust and grimes. It is the place you should feel most comfortable and relaxed and it’s absolutely unacceptable to skip the regular carpet cleaning as pollens may result in asthma and allergies. You should vacuum it weekly and deep clean it once a month to prevent any health issues from occurring. Still, if you have any serious allergy it would be better to take the carpet out of your bedroom.

  • If you don’t have a humidifier – change that. Provide yourself one as this can relieve the symptoms caused by dry air and other possible allergies. However, make sure the water is fresh and change it every day as neglecting doing this may result in growth of mold in your humidifier. Bedside humidifiers are great and they can be easily cleaned thoroughly – you need to do this once per week.

  • Without doubt you are vacuuming your bedroom regularly but are you aware if your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter? If it doesn’t you could be sucking up dirt, grimes and dust but spray them back out in the air which again concerns some health issues. If your vacuum cleaner is provided with HEPA filter it will suck even the smallest dust particles and won’t spread them again in your bedroom. Make sure the bag your vacuum cleaner uses is also made from HEPA material.

7 ways to make your bedroom a healthy place
  • Do you have some houseplants in your bedroom? They are great as they purify the air and add a nice green touch to your room but if you overwater them this might provide a suitable environment for bacteria and some mold spores may occur in the soil. Again, this can trigger some airborne allergies. There's no other solution but to water them carefully and don’t let your plants sit in trays full of water.

Prevent your bedroom from the possible risks of different health issues related to seemingly small details but actually important aspects of maintaining a safe environment for you and your loving ones.

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