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Common household tasks you can do reusing tea!

Common household tasks you can do reusing tea!

Not only a hot cup of tea is good for you and soothes your body and soul but can also make your home go green. You can avoid using cleaning products that contain different chemicals which usually are hazardous for you health by reusing tea. Sounds interesting, right? Read on to see some common household tasks you can the green way.

  • You can remove stains from your mirrors – simply brew one or two used tea bags and use it as a cleaning solution. A tip we heard from some end of tenancy cleaners Portsmouth was to wipe the mirrors with coffee filters – your mirrors will be sparkling clean!

  • Make your houseplants lush by putting some used tea bags in your fertilizer-mix. If you don’t find neat to keep the bags in your soil, empty the content into your fertilizer. As there are some nitrogen-rich nutrients in the tea your flowers will be nourished and they will look beautiful.

  • Freshen your carpets and leave the carpet cleaning Portsmouth for some other time! Considering the fact that your pets love rolling around on it, carpets tend to have an unpleasant odor. In order to re-freshen it, you will need some dried tea leaves. Sprinkle them and let the leaves sit for 15 minutes then vacuum. They will absorb the undesirable smell for sure!

  • You probably hate the ugly stains on the bottom of your toilet. They are usually difficult to remove but with the help of few used tea bags they will be gone in no time! Throw some bags in your toilet and leave them there for several minutes. After that flush the toilet and no stains will be there, we promise!

  • Last but not least, tenderize your meat! As tea contains naturally occurring tannins it will do miracles to your meat. You need to boil some tea and add half a cup of brown sugar. Pour the mixture over your meat and cook it they way you usually do. Your family will love it!

Reusing tea is a great way to make your home greener. Enjoy your cup and don`t throw away the tea bags - use them later!

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