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If you buy a new home, look carefully for mould at these places!

If you buy a new home, look carefully for mould at these places!

Regardless of whether you are allergic to mould or not, its presence is not recommended! It is not only ugly, but also harmful to your health. If you plan to buy a new house, you should look for mould everywhere. Here's which places to keep in mind:

  • Bathroom – sure, we start with the wettest place in the entire home. In the bathroom, there is often mould on the ceiling and on the door. These are the first places you should look. Be sure to inspect the corners and behind the water heater, for example.

  • The hallway – sometimes very uncomfortable but true – there is mould in the hallway. At first you may not notice it, especially if it is a little. But we advise you to look up towards the ceiling and especially in the corners – you might find something there. Of course, house cleaners Ashford will help you in the fight with mould, but after all – it would be better if you don’t find any of it.

  • The kitchen – because of the cooking and the steam that is released, mould often appears in the kitchen. Take a look at the walls and the ceiling. If they are clear, then make sure you check the hard-to-reach places, such as behind the refrigerator, behind cabinets, etc. Mould can hide anywhere, be cautious.

  • The living room – here it is unlikely to find mould. However, if the home is somewhere where the weather is generally humid, don't be surprised if there is mould. Check the walls, ceiling and the hard-to-reach places... again.

  • The bedrooms and nursery – it would be very uncomfortable to sleep in a room in which there is mould and preconditions for its appearance, right? That is why you have to thoroughly check the bedrooms and nursery. Spend as much time as it is necessary for that.

  • Don’t forget, that you have the right to take a good look when you buy a new home. It’s the same as the right of your landlord for inventory check after the end of lease cleaning Ashford.

Make sure you check the floors, carpets and the furniture of all rooms! The same goes for the household appliances – each of them could provide the conditions for the mould to grow. Do not skip anything in your examination because buying a new home is a huge step to take and you must be cautious!

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