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Cleaning before and after the Christmas holidays – hacks

Cleaning before and after the Christmas holidays – hacks

Christmas as any other big holiday requires lots of cleaning! That is why you need to organise your schedule – after and before the festive day. Consider your tasks and manage your time. The best thing to do would be to make both pre Christmas and post Christmas cleaning checklists. Here are some tips on what to include in them:

Before Christmas

  • A thorough clean up before the holiday is essential. You have to make sure that everything is tidy and sanitised before you welcome your guests. Start with washing and rinsing the glassware, the dishes and the cutlery you are going to use for the Christmas dinner.

  • Think in advance about getting extra crockery and cutlery as well as chairs. You can also use paper napkins and plates – that will be the easiest option for you. You’d better select them to be recyclable ones.

  • Stock up on enough stain removers, washing detergent, rubbish bags, dishwasher powder, kitchen and toilet paper, and any other cleansers which may come in handy any time. You don’t need to get professional cleaning agents for post tenancy cleaning Brixton, for instance, but still you have to be prepared for any situation and any stains.

  • Dry clean or wash the special outfit for the celebration of Christmas. Take out the Christmas decorations and if needed, take some time to do some shopping.

  • Place empty rubbish bins as well as tissue boxes somewhere where they would be easily accessible for everyone.

  • Clean up the upholstery and the carpets. If you do not have enough time for that, then you should call the carpet cleaners Brixton.

After Christmas

  • The good news is that if you have done everything properly before the feast, then now you will not have many obligations. Obviously, you will have to wash all the dishes and cutlery used and then to dry and store them.

  • Remove the Christmas decorations and lights and sanitise them before storing for the next year’s holidays. Use any leftovers if you can – make a meal plan for the next week.

  • Disinfect the rooms with a vacuum cleaner, remove the dust and mop the floors. Finally, make sure that you have returned all chairs or crockery which are not yours.

You can't wait to celebrate Christmas already? So, what are you waiting for – start preparing for the holiday now!

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