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Smart tips and tricks for ironing of winter clothes

Smart tips and tricks for ironing of winter clothes

In winter, we face difficulties with ironing of thick skirts and trousers. Such clothes are ironed only reverse side. Firstly the iron should pass on the seams and pockets. Here are more details when it comes to ironing:

  • Pants are ironed through damp cloth. Firstly you should iron the belt and the top, then put it on the board and iron one half. Don’t forget to iron the knees. Smooth the edges so that they are identical on both legs. Once adjusted, the pants should be left to cool, otherwise you will get deformation, especially of the knees.

  • Thick skirts should be ironed similarly. Very carefully, without stretching the fabric, iron the bottom of the skirt through a damp cloth. The place where is the edge of the hem is not ironed, because it will get an ugly crease.

  • Garments from tricot need particular attention. In case of improper ironing they will lose their shape. So you need to iron them while they are still slightly damp and through a wet tissue.

  • By the way, if you accomplish your ironing on your own, you will save some money for the upcoming carpet cleaners Islington.

  • You should iron via moving the iron, not by sliding. Otherwise the garment will stretch. If you need to iron clothes with embroidery or from velvet, this creates additional difficulties. Thin lace embroidery is ironed inside out. When you iron velvet you should hold the clothes in the air and use steam iron. If there are too many folds, you should use steam again.

  • Do not iron jackets and blazers on your own. Better give them to the dry cleaners because you risk damaging them with the iron and make edges that are difficult to be removed. Why not investing your time in carpet cleaning Islington? Leave your blazers and jackets to the professionals.

  • If you have left the iron too long on the fabric and there is a dark spot, immediately wet with cold water, sprinkle it with salt and leave it in the sun. After two hours, shake the salt and rinse in cold water.

So, as you already know all these tricks, you will be better in ironing your clothes.

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