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Easy window cleaning - mission possible

Easy window cleaning - mission possible

Washing windows is one of the most unpleasant and tedious tasks for each housewife. The reason for this is that the glass surfaces smudge very easily. Plus, cleaning becomes difficult and often the results are not at all impressive. That is why we offer a few tips that will help you fight off more easily and efficiently with dirt, and get perfectly clean and shiny windows.

  • The best time for washing. As strange as it sounds, the best time for washing windows is cloudy weather. The reason lies in the fact that the sun causes the glass to dry more quickly and thus traces of water or detergent won’t remain.

  • Washing windows. The notion that in order to clean glass surface well, you must necessarily use expensive detergent is totally wrong. In fact, you can prepare quality cleanser even at home. Prepare a solution of warm water and vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio. The liquid can be poured into an old bottle of detergent with a pump. It only needs to be shaken well and then spray the glass. Another very effective tool for cleaning windows is a mixture of baking soda, salt and water. To prepare this solution, put three tablespoons of salt and same amount of soda in three cups of hot water.

  • Wiping the glass. No matter how strong your detergent is, the improper technique may fail your mission. Your post tenancy cleaners Belgravia will agree with us. Here at your help comes the microfiber cloth. It must be clean and dry, otherwise you risk your glasses again to gloss over.

  • Wiping the washed window with napkins or newspapers usually leads to satisfactory results. It is necessary to first spray the window with detergent and then clean it well with a cloth. Finally wipe with paper. You'll be surprised by ideal purity and brilliance of your recently dirty windows. What is your next sanitising undertaking? Perhaps carpet cleaning Belgravia?!

Are you ready for some window cleaning first?

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