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5 alternative carpet cleaning methods

5 alternative carpet cleaning methods

If your carpet is too old, perhaps you will be interested to learn more details about some alternative carpet cleaning and refreshing techniques. So, if you have no money for brand new carpet, try to revive the old one with these tricks:

  • There are specialised, high-quality vacuum cleaners, that wash the carpets in depth. However if you don’t possess such a hoover, you’d better use salt. Buy a few kilos of salt and sprinkle it thoroughly on the carpet. Leave for five minutes and then sweep with very stiff broom. Before that, broom must be washed in hot soapy water. When the broom becomes dirty, rinse it and continue sweeping.

  • In winter you have another sanitizing option for your rugs. If there is snow outside, take the carpet out on the snow and with the aid of broom cover it with snow all around its surface. After ten minutes sweep the dirty snow. If necessary, repeat. Perhaps your post tenancy cleaners won’t use exactly this method.

  • Cleaning using an infusion of black tea is suitable only for dark carpets. This tea infusion adds color and shine. For this purpose, use real brewed black tea leaves. Remove the liquid or drink it, then put the tea leaves on a cloth and drain them carefully. Then scatter the leaves across the carpet and after 15 minutes sweep using a stiff broom or vacuum clean.

  • Have you ever heard about carpet cleaning Wimbledon with sawdust? This method is recommended for light carpets. Lightly spray the sawdust with detergent and a few drops of gasoline. After ten minutes sweep with a broom.

  • Cleaning with vinegar is popular. It refreshes the colors of the carpet. First pass the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Then dip a stiff brush in a solution of vinegar and water in a proportion of one tablespoon of vinegar to one quart of water. Go across the carpet with this brush, occasionally flood it back into the liquid. Follow the direction of the fibres to achieve really saturated color. After this home cleaning Wimbledon task, you will feel satisfied.

What do you think about these alternative techniques? Are you ready to try at least one method?

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