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How your home reflects your relationship

How your home reflects your relationship

We reflect our environment and our environment reflects us. Usually when we are in harmony with ourselves our homes are in order, smelling fresh and making us feel relieved and happy. When we are in distress due to too much work, some unpleasant event or some other disbalance, our homes get messy, dirty or we just don't feel welcomed in them. The same is when we inhabit common home with our partner.

  • Time and space. It takes time for two people to fit each other. But if after years of living together you still don't feel comfortable in your common home, you need to make some changes in the interior. Change something small: add a couple of paintings or pictures in frames; repaint the house or just put new curtains. Make the place feel harmonic and it will transfer in your relationship. Just remember that it won't happen in the very beginning and that your needs may change in time, so be flexible.

  • Purity and transparency. Some answers are simple: homes and relationships should be a clean zone. This means you shouldn't leave any messes neither in the first, nor in the second. If it means calling domestic cleaners Putney and turning to relationship council, do it.

  • Add some life. Even if you don't have time for animal, you can always live up your home with a potted flower or two. No matter how absurd sounds to you the idea of love fern, it is proven truth that people who have mutual projects and understandings, make better relationships.

  • Do it together. Your mutual work should include everyday tasks. Cooking together, washing the dishes and making the beds may sound prosaic and boring but when you invest power in something, you fight for it. If you take care of the home alone, it's pretty much expectable the same to happen with your relationship. Make a room for your partner, tasks like carpet cleaning Putney are easier when you work as a team.

Relationships rarely are the peaceful harbor that you dream of, they are rather like a garden that you need to work on every day, just as your home. Work on it, take care for it and most of all: share it. Because home of one's own is often empty and cold place.

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