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Gentle care for wool

Gentle care for wool

In cold winter days there is nothing cozier than to curl up in your favorite soft sweater. But the wool is very delicate material that needs special care. Otherwise it gradually thickens, forms little balls and loses its shape. So follow our advices on its proper washing, drying and storage and enjoy its fluffy beauty for longer. The wool spoils from:

  • Frequent washing. Wool garments are difficult to smudge and that is why you do not have to wash them unnecessarily. If they only have unpleasant odours, put them on the balcony to ventilate. You will be surprised that there will be no trace left from the smell.

  • Long soaking. The long soaking of the fabric makes it stretched and causes to lose its shape. Moreover, such a process is not needed - as we said wool assumes no dirt and odors in depth. So, direct washing is enough. Share this information with your carpet cleaning experts Portsmouth and ask them how they sanitise woolen rugs.

  • Sudden changes in temperature cause shrinkage. If you wash the garment at 40-50 degrees and then rinse it with cold water, the fabric will shrink. Woolen clothes should be washed at 30 degrees, not to shrink.

  • Strong scrubbing. Wool must be treated gently. When wet, it is very easy to deform it. You can use the centrifuge, but only at low revs.

  • Clothesline. Wool takes a lot of water and if you hang on the rope, it will be stretched by its weight. So stretch it on a plane. When you put it in the closet, make sure it is completely dry. Your domestic cleaners Portsmouth will give you the same advice.

  • Wet rooms. If you are trying to dry woolen clothes in the bathroom, not only it will take you a long time, but the fabric will acquire an unpleasant odor from the long steam.

Now you know what actions to avoid when you take care of your woolen garments.

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