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Coconut tree at home - why not?

Coconut tree at home - why not?

Coconut palm brings the exoticism of eternal summer and tropical latitudes. This is its natural environment in which the plant can reach 20 meters in height. Coconut palm cultivation in captivity is difficult, but not impossible, because the plant needs much sunlight. And in these conditions it becomes a large palm tree, but does not exceed 3 meters.

  • Temperature and sunlight. Coconut palm is a warm-loving plant and the most suitable temperature for growing it is 20-23 °C. It is best in summer to move the pots with palm tree on the terrace or in the garden. Palm is doing well in bright, ambient light and therefore you have to provide it the brightest spot in the room. If the plant is outdoors, it is necessary to protect only the strongest sunlight.

  • Humidity and watering. Coconut likes moist air, so it is necessary to spray it, especially in summer and heating season. Periodically wipe the leaves with a damp sponge. In Summer (May to September) water the palm well and then fertilize it every two weeks. During the rest of the year, water sparingly and fertilize. Tell this information to your domestic cleaners London, because sometimes they will water the palm.

  • Replanting. The coconut palm often does not survive transplanting, so do it only when the roots fill the entire pot. Provide good drainage by placing on the container bottom little stones. It’s easy, right? Floor polishing London is much harder procedure, for instance.

  • How to cultivate coconut palm. Select ripe, healthy nut. Preferably, the outer husks of the fruit to be preserved. Select a larger pot and fill it with the mixture of soil (2 parts loam soil turf, 1 part peat, 1 part natural manure and 1 part sand). Then place the coconut on a flat surface and remember the position that it remains. Put it in the soil in the same way and bury exactly one half. After a few months expect to emerge some roots first and then leaves. Palm germinates slowly but then accelerates growth.

Now you have some solid knowledge how to grow a coconut tree at home. Are you ready to try?

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