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You can actually use microwave not only for heating...

You can actually use microwave not only for heating...

Microwave might be made to warm your meal up and eventually to spice your movie night with tasty popcorn, but actually you can use this device for many other stuff. Check out the new and not that ordinary applications of the microwave now:

  • Prepare awesome poached eggs for less than a second!

  • Soak lentils and beans. This trick is quite good for those, who usually forget doing that before cook the meal with beans.

  • Recover the old bread. Did you know that throwing bread away brings back luck? Don't do that even if the slices have already become too dry and stale. Re-hydrate the bread slices by putting them covered with some wet towel and insert them in the microwave for 10-20 seconds.

  • In case you provide the sanitizing tools to your domestic cleaners London, stop spending too much money and disinfect the sponges in the microwave. Place them wet and turn the device for a minute or two.

  • Speaking of which, you can clean the cutting board in the microwave, as well... Put it wet and scrubbed with few lemon slices to remove the bad odour, too.

  • A microwave can be also used for recrystallizing the honey. The duration is between half a minute and 2 minutes.

  • Warm up the oils. Whether they are cosmetic products or extra special remedies for your thorough end of tenancy cleaning London plan, oils do not work finely, if they are cold.

  • Heat a blanket or socks in the microwave during the coldest days of the year!

  • Stop crying over the onion! To eliminate this well-known cooking effect, heat the onion in the microwave for half a minute and tears will be avoided.

Yes, microwave is an awesome invention, indeed!

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