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5 Food hacks for better skin and hair

5 Food hacks for better skin and hair

You want to have gorgeous skin and hair that look so perfect that your friends compliment you on how glossy it is. So, you have to be careful as to what kind of foods you eat. You cannot expect unblemished skin and perfect hair if you eat fast food or drink beverages containing a lot of sugar and artificial flavors. Here are a few superfoods that will help you keep your skin and hair look amazing.

  • Did you know that the blueberries are said to have a positive impact on the skin? They are a natural antioxidant that prevents skin aging. Make yourself a breakfast including blueberries and you will notice the difference soon. Be careful not to spill them on the carpet as the blueberries stains are really hard to remove. You will probably need professional carpet cleaning service London.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for your body and you will find them in the wild salmon. It is important not to fry the fish, though. It will not be healthy and the domestic cleaning London assistants will find it difficult to neutralize the fish smell that will linger for quite some time.

  • Everyone who is trying to lose some weight avoids chocolate but in fact, it is essential for your skin and hair. However, you have to opt for the dark chocolate, which contains a high percentage of cocoa. Chocolate lovers might not like it as it is a bit sour, though.

  • Walnuts are regarded as a superfood that deserves to be included in your daily menu. It is important to know that walnuts have a positive impact on your body only when you consume them raw.

  • Tomatoes are both low calorie and extremely tasty vegetable. You can make a tomato juice, salad or ketchup at home. Tomatoes are a light food that is recommended during the summer.

Don’t forget to read the labels of the foods you buy at the supermarket. At first glance, they might seem useful but if they are full of artificial flavours and other harmful substances, you’d better avoid buying them.

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