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Tips for those of you who want an exotic pet

Tips for those of you who want an exotic pet

Hamsters, cats and dogs are the most popular in pet stores. But not all buyers want an ordinary pet. Today, it is a particularly fashionable and original to grow an exotic creature at home. But do you know how to select and how to care for such a pet?

Check out our tips:

  • Turtles – if you have decided to get a turtle, the first thing you need to do is take a look at the shell – it should be thick and smooth. Before you purchase an animal to pick it up in your hand, so that the front paws to be intercepted between your thumb and index finger. The strong turtle keeps its paws horizontally. And the eyes should be clear and open, breathing – without wheezing and bubbles during exhalation. After purchasing, a veterinarian must check your turtle for parasitic worms. As much as professional domestic cleaning services Nottinghamshire are useful, they will not help in such a case.

  • Spiders – These bristlecone friends do not need large spaces, but this is by no means that caring for them is something simple. For novice fans of the spiders, the suitable species are the non-aggressive spiders such as Aphonopelma seemani, Aphonopelma caniceps, Avicularia Metallica. Nhandu chromatus and Lasiodora Parahybana are more self-willed. Lividum and Hysterocrates Hercules are really dangerous. They do not miss the opportunity to bite its owner's hand. Remember that a bite from spiders, allowed for sale, is not deadly, but can cause severe allergic reactions. And the hairs of some species may cause itching.

  • The snake is really a noteworthy reptile, which is able to impress all of your guests, including the end of tenancy cleaners Nottinghamshire . With its beautiful colouration it affects even those who generally refer to all allied animals and with fear and disgust. Snakes like crawling around their terrariums so that the choice of their home should proceed with extreme caution. Our advice to all ‘beginners’ is to choose Elaphe quatuorlineata. As for a python, boa or water snakes – they are only for connoisseurs.

  • Iguanas – these animals live up to 22 years, and this means that it will share with you a great part of your life. Some species reach a length up to two meters. Their menu is very simple and easily accessible: carrots, beets, red peppers and all sorts of fruits and vegetables that you eat as well. Also, they do not refuse and goodies such as insects.

Other exotic animals, who can become a member of your family, are different types of slugs, crocodiles, ferrets, stoats, squirrels, rabbits, frogs, chameleons, tropical birds, insects. You must have got familiar with all the peculiarities in its cultivation. That is the way to ensure the animal a full and long life.

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